Become a Sacred Lover

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Become a sacred lover. Learn All-Chakra Tantra and master the art of conscious, sacred sexuality. Give and receive whole body healing with other Students on the tantric path. Clear your chakras (energy centers) and become a manifestation of divine love.

As divinity incarnate, you’re attractive, sexy, sensual, irresistible. All are drawn to you because you’re channeling energy directly from Source/Universal Consciousness. You vibrate at a higher frequency. You become enlightened (full of light) and radiate love. Others are drawn to you, compulsively, like a moth to a flame.

You are a clear vessel of Love/God/Goddess. You are the sacred healer, the lover, a Daka or Dakini. You’re a true tantrica who emanates love, respects life, heals others through your sacred touch, love and spiritual beingness that’s forever connected to Love/Light/Source. Now you know it, feel it in ever cell of your being.

Students serve as surrogates (stand-ins) to help each other find the perfect mates (beloveds) and develop the skills to keep them and maintain functional, healthy, happy, successful relationships. You assist each other as you clear negativity. You learn skills that allow you to communicate clearly and consciously, authentically. You embody personal responsibility, truth, integrity, honesty, all things that make you attractive and desirable.

You have the cleared, healed, conscious relationships that you’ve always wanted. You experience love, laughter, abundance, joy and bliss.

You are sexually and sensually satisfied. Your life works (finally). You are free.

All this and more await you when you learn tantra, internalize it and master these sacred, spiritual teachings in to your being. You become the divine beloved at the Temple of Tantra, Maui, Hawaii.

Create conscious partnerships. Heal, clear those yucky things you don’t like in your current relationship. Bring in your lover. Tell him or her that you want to make it right, feel good, happy and blissful for both of you. If it’s not working for one, it’s really not working for both of you. You miss her or him. Where’s the excitement you once had? You were so great together, so juicy when you first met. Then what happened? You can fix it. You can recover your bliss. There are ways where there’s a will. And if not, because you’re really not meant to be with each other, not a match, then you can set each other free with kindness and love.

Joy, bliss, unconditional love, orgiastic energy is your birthright. You were conceived because someone (maybe two someones) had an orgasm. Life is supposed to be orgasmic. 47-52% of women do not have orgasms. Shame on all of us. We need to correct that for orgasms are our connections to God Source.

Clear your channels and open up your hailing frequencies to God/Source. Hello?

Now the real fun begins. Life is orgasmic, one HUGE orgasm as your kundalini awakens and you crack the cosmic code. Sexual energy and spiritual energy, love and God.dess are all the same thing! ONE! You are a spiritual being of love and light from God/Sourc manifesting as a human being. You are a BEING being human. Got it? Viola! Now you are enlightened (full of light). Life! Life it light! Enjoy it! :)

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