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Unite, co-create spiritual family through the Sacred Matrix, a revolution in conscious evolution. Remember Source, we’re all divine, love incarnate. Through love divine, we support one to awaken, lean, grow, evolve, become enlightened (in the light). Enlightened, we create a planet of peace and transform the matrix of illusion and separation in to a partnership paradigm, a paradise of equality, truth, love, respect, unity, dignity, beauty, grace for all beings, plants, animals and Mother Earth (Gaia).

Awake, aware, we become a clear vessel of the Divine, a pure channel of love and light. On this sacred journey to consciousness, we remove chakra blocks through spiritual psycho-emotional healing, personal growth work and spiritual practice.

The Sacred Matrix honors the spiritual essence of all faiths, incorporates the best of all beliefs. Together we co-create a conscious path, a direct line to Source. Reconnected we heal all wounds, become fully alive, happy, healthy, in unconditional love with all of us, divine bliss, heaven on earth.

Heaven brought to Earth dissolves the matrix of hierarchy, eliminates the illusion of separation, overcomes pain, war, death, disease and destruction. Negativity is replaced by a sacred matrix, a matrix of love where we encourage one another to do our best, heal, play, love and experience fulfillment, joy, bliss, sensuality, sexuality and right livelihood.

The Sacred Matrix, a new paradigm of conscious, unconditional love, a place outside of time and space where we feel reconnected to each other, the divine, Source. Here we feel our oneness, honor the divinity in all beings, see the parts that ring true in belief systems and develop the wisdom to move past those things that no longer support all consciousness. We free ourselves from emotional, spiritual, psychological pollution, a gridlock within our bodies that manifests as chakra blocks that prevents kundalini awakening. Within the world the gridlock appears as anger, hatred, prejudice, intolerance, crime, violence, racism, separation and war.

We break through these barriers, personal and global, to heal individually and collectively. We create paradise, a planet where love’s the primary operating system and peace that respects all life, all consciousness, prevails.

Through the Sacred Matrix, we remember who we truly are–light beings originating from Source. We operate from that oneness. We practice ahimsa (do no harm), candor (tell the truth), integrity, authenticity, kindness, pure intentions, honesty, personal responsibility, path of peace, consciousness, transparency and unconditional love.

Choose spiritual evolution. Evolve to a higher level of being, an awareness of love that’s free from war, fear, lack, prejudice, pain and hierarchy. Shift from the paradigm of the Illuminati Matrix, a design full of confusion, conflict, pain, separation and suffering to the Sacred Matrix. Embrace peace, clarity, love, bliss and Oneness, the realization that we all originate from Source, the Divine Flame that sparked us all into existence.

Purpose: We recognize the contrast between the current illusion, a Zeitgeist (world view) reality of confusion, conflict, war, disease, pain and suffering and the internal longing for a world free of strife, full of harmony and peace that respects all consciousness and allows each and every one of us to live with dignity, beauty, grace and peace. All our basic needs for survival and happiness met, as a birthright, free from struggle. Until now no single organization has offered solutions to remedy these problems. The Sacred Matrix offers a paradigm of peace where every being embodies her or his own personal journey home to oneness where they become whole, complete, reconnected to Source.

Contrast: Together we witness the contrast of separation: religious secularism, political polarization, sexism, conflicts in healthcare choices, competitive economics, environmental exploitation, and the deterioration and disintegration of our planet—Mother Earth. We recognize that if we don’t change our way of life and the way we view ourselves, each other, and our planet, we will ultimately face a future of planetary annihilation, destruction and desolation. We are in a collision course with our destiny and we still have time to make the necessary changes to save ourselves, this world and all the beauty of plants, animals, flora and fauna that we’ve been blessed to have as our home.

Solution: The Sacred Matrix offers a paradigm of peace where every human being can enter, gain and understand their own personal integrity and what it means to live from it.  All beings learn how to connect with others to form cooperatives of integrity through creating conscious, kind and loving intentional communities, neighborhoods, associations, cities, countries and worlds where sharing and love is the norm. By beginning in our own neighborhoods with friends and family, we prepare to be good neighbors and galactic citizens worthy of inclusion to higher technologies and solutions to improve our lives and save our world.

Overview: The Sacred Matrix is based on the human chakra system, a virtual rainbow vortex of light that channels through individuals, through one another and collectively across the planet. The incremental spectrums of the colors of light represent various spiritual paths and cultures we were born into. We acknowledge our ancestors, their love and good intentions and select elements that resonate with the core of our being to follow throughout our lives. These spiritual and religious paths tabs or indexes on the template of consciousness. Centrifugal force pulls us from beginning levels, the outer circle of reality into deeper awareness of greater possibilities in the inner circle. Ultimately we arrive in to the center of oneness, the Spheres of Existence, levels of pure light that radiate out to all and embrace us in divine love.

Conclusion: We recognize our path and placement on the chakra rainbow vortex of light and consciously choose to continue that emanation of Source or move to another ray of light (emanation). We realize all emanations ultimately converge into Source, the white ray of light, illumination and enlightenment. From this enlightened pinnacle of we KNOW absolute truth: WE ARE ALL ONE
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