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Embrace the Spiritual Essence of All Faiths by Janet Kira Lessin

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EMBRACE THE SPIRITUAL ESSENCE OF ALL FAITHS by Janet Kira Lessin Study, pray, worship, learn, grow, expand, become, belong, embrace the divine essence of all faiths by seeing your oneness in all beings. The Gaia Experiment in consciousness rushes to a conclusion. We live on Spaceship Earth, Gaia, a planet of love dedicated to our growth and healing. As she zooms through the cosmos, we are propelled with her to greater, bigger, better paradigms, realities that make our souls soar. Where are you in the continuum between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate? How often do you go unconscious and wish you could maintain your cool and embrace love at all times? There are ways to remember. Tantra, a gift from the Gods, a sacred practice of love, allows you to...

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Please Help the Goddess & Tantra Temples

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Religious freedom for all is under attack when one religion/spiritual path is being singled out for persecution. This is what's happening with Goddess Temples and Tantra Temples in the United States.  Our first Amendment Constitutional rights are being violated. We must stand up for the beliefs of others even if they are not what we believe.  There are basic, human rights that must be preserved above all. Please help our friends from the Phoenix Goddess Temple and the Sedona Temple who are facing criminal charges.  Please support tantra temples across America who're fighting local zoning regulations that are attempting to zone us right out of existence.  There are temples in Washington, Oregon and California that have been attacked.  There are others and we're...

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