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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.




In the tantra we teach, All-Chakra Tantra, the word tantra means weaving.

Weave, coordinate and orchestrate your sexuality with tantra’s other six-sevenths. Tantra tells you: see, accept, choreograph and integrate your emotional, sexual, assertive, romantic, communicative, wise and spiritual--as well as your sexual--aspects. You weave inner aspects, like a carpet’s weft through its seven-chakra warp. You also weave your inner voices with voices within your lovers.









. Let me run you through the chakrras\

For Chakra 1, you secure Your First Base, embrace emotional vulnerability and subselves that shield your feelings

Chakra 2 You embrace both erotic freedom & caution, personal and impersonal sensuality

Chakra 3: You center yourself to lead or follow, assert or surrender

Chakra 4: You learn to Live Loving Oneness; you embrace your Giver and Taker, Generous and Entitled inner voices

Chakra 5: You speak or Stay Silent; sing

Chakra 6: You think, Dream, Intuit, Envision

Chakra 7: You embrace both your Universality and your Individuality

Chakra 8:  You laugh from your Clown Chakra

In All-Chakra Tantra, we don’t ignore the sexual chakra. Sex Chakra energy affects the other six chakras--your vulnerability, power, romance, messaging, knowing and higher consciousness chakras. These chakras, your child, hero, lover, communicator and visionary chakras, influence your sexual chakra as well.

CENTER yourself to weave. Hear which inner voices–aka subselves–your sexual interests activate. Integrate the subselves who cluster at your sex chakra with all subs at all your chakras. Choreograph the interplay of your subselves and the subselves your lovers present.

Chant the Sanskrit syllables (lam, vam, ram, ham, yam, ooo, mmm) As you chant each syllable, imagine you open within you a rose of the color indicated below the syllable. perform the bodily action indicated, and repeat the task sentence aloud.

Bija Mantra: chant, perform action, repeat sentence--like Catholic catechism (Hail Marys) and Buddist Prayer Beads–using the body as Catholics and Buddhists use beads.

Chakras, tasks and chant-syllable layed out for you in the chart below:

Chakra Chant Task
Perineum Lam
Enhance your health, create safety for yourself and your lovers.

Cherish your Inner Child.
Contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet.

Genitals Vam

Delight yourself & each other sexually 
Create kids consciously.
Elevate sensuality to alleviate violence.

Belly Ram
Empower your Center & Empower each inner voice.

Empower lovers.
Empower humanity.

Heart Yam
Love yourself.
Love your lovers.

Love all beings.

Throat Ham
Tell truth kindly and listen with love to all your inner voices.
Tell truth kindly and listen with love to your sweethearts

Tell truth kindly and listen with love to the world.

Brain Ooo
Think, intuit and envision for yourself.
Think, intuit and envision for your beloveds.

Think, intuit and envision for your community.

Crown  Mmm
Flow energy between your crown and your beloveds’.
Transcend your separate, individual self-senses and merge with each other.

Transcend your separate, individual self-senses and merge with humanity.
Transcend your separate, individual self-senses; merge with Earth and cosmos.

Clown HaHa
Laugh, Smile, Enjoy, Celebrate


Chant the Chakra Chant (Bija Mantra), an ancient Sanskrit meditation, loud and strong. Chant seven one-syllable words–lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo and mmm; each activates a different chakra.

Lam pumps your perineum; vam invigorates your genitals. Ram empowers your belly, yam heals your heart, ham frees your voice. Your Third eye, forehead to occiput, vibrates with ooo, and you think and intuit at the same time. When you chant mmm, your crown opens and you unite with all that is, was and will be.

Security Chakra (Lam)
Sit or stand erect. Touch your perineum as you chant lam three times. After each lam, squeeze your anal sphincter and imagine a red rose opens there. In the last rose’s center, see yourself healthy, serene and safe.

Sexual Chakra (Vam)
Touch your genitals and chant vam three times. After each vam, squeeze your pubococcygeal (pc) muscles. Inhale and imagine an orange rosebud in your genitals. Exhale and it opens; in it, see yourself make love.

Power Chakra (Ram)
Hands on lower belly: three times, chant ram. A yellow rose opens in your belly each time you chant ram. Within each red rose, as it opens, see a power symbol that reminds you, “Take yours.”

Love Chakra (Yam)
Rest your palms on your chest, chant yam and open a green rose in your heart. In the first green rose’s center, see someone you love who loves you too.

Twice more, chant yam, open heart roses and picture people you love in the roses’ centers.

Expression Chakra (Ham)
Hands at throat, three times, chant ham. With each ham you chant, a blue rosebud appears in your throat. Each ham you say opens a blue rose and you empower both your sharing and privacy options.

Hear, in your mind’s ear, your throat singing your song, a song that expresses you.

Clarity Chakra (Ooo)
Hold your head, brow to occiput, in your hands. Chant ooo three times. With each ooo, see a violet rose open in your skull and in rose’s center picture:
(Violet Rose 1) You at your best.
(Violet Rose 2) You and those you love living your loving potential.
(Violet Rose 3) The world at best.

Connection Chakra (Mmm)
Chant mmm three times as thousand-petaled white lotus blossoms unfold at your crown.

White light gushes from your crown, meets your lovers’ crown lights, joins all lovers’ lights everywhere and merges with humanity’s lovelight as well.

Chant lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo, mmm
Three times, sing lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo, mmm (the entire Chakra Chant) in a single exhale. Your central channel vibrates each chakra as you emit that chakra’s syllable. Hear each chakra’s message.

Lam says, “You belong.”
Vam, “Savor sex”.
Ram, “Take yours”.
Yam, “Love and let love”.
Ham, “Share”.
Ooo, “Know.
Mmm, “Transcend”.

To achieve tantric union, activate the seven energy centers in your body and join them to your beloveds’.

Chant lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo, mmm and heighten your security, sexuality, power, love, expression, vision and spirituality.

Coordinate each chakra’s voices and charge your central channel.

Attain tantric union with your beloved when you press chakras, chant together, and feel your oneness


Sasha Lessin, Ph. D & Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S.

All-Chakra Tantra

All-Chakra Tantra

Synergized Sacred & Psychological Exercises for Inner Children, Voluptuaries, Heros, Romantics, Visionaries and Sages

Authored by Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin Ph.D., Janet Kira Lessin

All-Chakra Tantra denotes weaving, coordinating and orchestrating your sexuality with the other six-sevenths of tantra. Tantra teaches you to recognize, accept, coordinate and integrate emotions, empowerment, love, communication, wisdom and spirituality within you and between you and your sexual partners. With tantra, you weave your inner voices through seven categories, called chakras and analyze how your inner voices affect the inner voices of those you love.

In this book, you associate your chakras with vulnerability, sex, power, love, communication, vision and spirituality; associate vulnerability, sex, power, love, talk and ecstatic transcendence with your Inner Child, Sexual Celebrant, Hero, Lover, Knower, Transcender. Associate vulnerability, sex, power, love, communication, vision and spirituality with your perineum, genitals, diaphragm, heart, throat, brow, and crown. You center yourself successively among the voices at each chakra. At a given chakra, you hear inputs from voices relevant to that chakra, voices with radically different perspectives. You job: coordinate these voices so they all get their needs met. You recognize, accept and coordinate the voices at each chakra within you and between you and your lovers.

ALL-CHAKRA TANTRA, walks you, step-by-step through exercises that teach you how to
*Pare Parental Programs that limit your loving
*Coordinate your Inner Voices to facilitate sensational sexalloving
*Heal your lover’s hurts
*Encourage female ejaculation and master male ejaculatory control
*Experience ecstatic sexual satisfaction
*Resolve negative bonding pattens between you and your lover
*Empower yourself and your lover meet your sexual desires
*Realize your romantic potential and merge with your beloved
*Listen with love and communicate compassionately
*Access and implement your visions of loving relationship
*Transcend your separate self-sense, merge with beloveds and experience unity with the universe

In this do-it-yourself tome, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Dean of the School of Tantra and Janet Kira Lessin, Professor of Tantric Studies share the system they have successfully used for hundreds of couples, triads and love-groups to facilitate emotional satisfaction, personal growth, interpersonal synergy and spiritual transcendence in the context of sexual connecting. You get instructions, examples from the Lessins’ own explorations and photographs that give you windows to the lovelife you’ve always wanted. to order


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