Welcome to the TEMPLE OF TANTRA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit church/temple (Tax ID #01-0877744) aka the Tantra Theosphical and Gaia Worshiping Society of the Divine Human Family.

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This is the first tantra temple in the United States who went through the process to become a 501(c)(3) and actually got through the process. It took many years and all our resources plus the help of a very dedicated legal team to make it happen. As a result, tantra is now a legally recognized religion in the US and we are now free to practice our faith.

Tantra pre-dates Sumerian culture and originated with the Anunnaki who brought it to Earth 450,000 years ago. That figure seems astronomical to many. But due to new discoveries of ancient writings correlated with sonar pictures of ruins and discoveries of buried cities and civilizations, we're pushing back the age of man and culture from a few thousand years to hundreds of thousands. We live in very exciting times, full of new information about our origins.

Tantra enabled the ancients to connect directly to Source without an intermediary.  Religion, full of dogma, rules and shoulds came many thousands of years later.

We envision a series of temples, reviving ancient teachings and practices modernized enough to make sense to modern man to meet our current needs and reconnect us back to the divine.  We agreed to go unconscious in the name of the grand experiment of creation and diversification of existence.  Now through awakening kundalini, meditation, yoga and tantric practices, we remember who we are as eternal beings and become conscious and enlightened while existing in human form.  We bridge Heaven and Earth  through loving relationships of all kinds (family, friends, lovers, beloveds) unifying all of creation, bound together in an ocean of love.

From here, like branches of a tree, we reach out and establish tantra churches, temples and ashrams, joining with other existing structures, locations and organizations, like connecting the dots, creating a grid that circumnavigates the world.  Tantra means weave. We weave through love, above and below, unifying all, awakening all to universal, unconditional, unlimited love.


Please help our friends from the Phoenix Goddess Temple and the Sedona Temple who are facing criminal charges. Relgious freedom for all Americans is under attack. Our temples are under attack and if one religion is allowed to fall, all Americans face loss of freedom.  We're going on year three.  39 people were indited in September of 2011.  Many remain in prison in Arizona awaiting trial dates that keep getting pushed back and back.  Tis the real crime how they treat people who just want to practice their faiths. In this country, supposedly the land of religious freedom, we see it's only for the select few who follow specific government supported and approved religions.


First they came for the communist.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist

Then they came for the trade unionists.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me.
And there was no one left to speak out for me.


Welcome to the the Temple of Tantra where we're collecting funds for the Protection of all Civil Liberties, including the 1st Amendment: the Freedom of speech, the Right to peaceably assemble & the Right to practice Religion without persecution. Due to the recent arrests in Arizona of sacred Practioners, Priests and Priestesses and the power elite's attempts to invalidate our faith through inaccurate labels, all religions and faiths are subsequently vulnerable to these endless attempts to legislate our morality, religious beliefs, relationship styles and structures and what we do behind closed doors in the privacy of our own temples, churches, homes and even bedrooms. Unite for freedom for all. To donate to the civil lawsuit action, go to www.templeoftantra.org.

Donate to the Phoenix Goddess Temple.

All proceeds raised go directly towards the legal defense of members of the

Temple members who have been wrongly accused.


If you would like to volunteer, contribute or make an offering of support of any kind,  please email TempleofTantra@gmail.com

Take Action NOW! Sign this petition and file a complaint with the A.C.L.U. in AZ so they will support as well! "The power is in the people; and politics we address."



Welcome to the TEMPLE OF TANTRA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit church/temple aka the
Tantra Theosphical and Gaia Worshiping Society of the Divine Human Family



Tantra means weave and represents the first spiritual practice created for humanity. Tantra is also about sacred sexuality and our path back to Source and Oneness.

Theosophical (theopathy) means towards the light, a path of enlightenment.

Gaia's another name for our beloved Mother Earth. We believe she's alive, has consciousness, a soul, is a spirit and we honor and revere her. We worship her because we love her and she's a magnificent, beautiful being worthy of such love. We are in a symbiotic relationship with her. We're more dependant on her than she is on us. So we best love and honor the Mother, or we will perish as a species.

Society is an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity. We come together to practice tantra.

The Divine Human Family is the connection we humans have with one another, as one species, one family, one consciousness when we remove ourselves from the illusion that we are separate.

That about covers it all. Here we offer healing practices, services, counseling, certification, ways and means to accelerate enlightenment, personally and for all beings everywhere.


Study, pray, worship, learn, grow, expand, become, belong, embrace the divine essence of all faiths by seeing your oneness in all beings. The Gaia Experiment in consciousness rushes to a conclusion. We live on Spaceship Earth, Gaia, a planet of love dedicated to our growth and healing. As she zooms through the cosmos, we are propelled with her to greater, bigger, better paradigms, realities that make our souls soar.

Where are you in the continuum between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate? How often do you go unconscious and wish you could maintain your cool and embrace love at all times? There are ways to remember. Tantra, a gift from the Gods, a sacred practice of love, allows you to become clear, helps you center and permits you to recall what you already know deep inside.

We live in wondrous times. The answers have always been with us and we now find them accessible, in our dreams, in waking lives as we encounter the mystical, magical beings that awaken us to full consciousness. In the maze of the Matrix, we often feel lost under the weight of materialism, economic hardship, social conditioning and religious and cultural programming. The "shoulds" of society weigh us down, make us feed depressed and repressed and keep us from knowing our true selves. No more.

We know that was the design because we all created it. We decided to keep us unconscious long enough for the experiment in creation to play itself out to maximum capacity. Through our interactions, good and bad, we created sufficient diversity, complexity, polarity and separation which manifested abundant lila (divine play). We've maximized our probabilities, topped our capacity and realized our highest expectations. Success!

Now it's time for the passion play to draw to its natural end. The Earth herself is ready to be reborn anew at a higher level vibratory frequency of consciousness and awareness. Celebrate!

Tantra, a high spiritual art form designed to elevate lovemaking to open portals to Source, originated in Sumer, has survived the ages, is a cryptic message from the Creator of All to her children, to help you evolve and become a conscious being. While Gaia counts down to her rebirth, you are given tools of consciousness so that you maximize your human experience and move with her to the fifth dimension, a realm of joy and bliss, where you transfigure to a high being of love.

Despite wars and attempts to keep this sacred message from humanity, the mystery unfolds before us here and in this now through tantric practice. We're remembering there's more to life than suffering, pain, misery, lack, competition, greed and materialism. We feed the morpohogenic field with our awareness which accelerates our awakening. We have the tools to overcome our short comings, to evolve and become the souls we know we are which have been hidden until now, deep down in subconscious levels.

United, awake, aware, we move beyond our skin-encapsulated self-sense that we've identified as who we are to a greater self of wonder and enlightenment. We remember we agreed to come here, to taste life and experience it all. We embrace the love from which we were created. We're grateful for every moment, every breath we get to take in this wonderful world. We look forward to the next adventure as conscious, co-creator with God.dess.

Thank you for finding us here at the Temple of Tantra. We exist to be of service to one another during these incredible times that are upon us. We are the ones we've been waiting for. Each day we remember more and more and as we look into the eyes of the souls around us, we discover we are all beloveds, all ONE, love incarnated in physical form.

Namaste ~


Tantra Theosophical and Gaia Worshiping Society  of the Divine Human Family
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