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Isis, ancient Goddess, may be an incarnation of Ninmah, Mother of Humanity.  She wears the crown of Hathor, also an emanation of the Goddess who birthed humanity.

Whatever form she appears in, the Goddess is to be honored, adored, respected, for she is our Mother, the divine form that loved us so much, she brought us forth into physicality through her own flesh.

We are ONE with her, forever.  In the Illusion of separation, we fight with one another, war nation upon nation.

In remembrance of the divine Mother, we remember we are one and the same being, experiencing separation, for the moment in divine play, lila, so that we might create more and more diversity.

Yet, we are here in 2012, the year the veil drops, illusion fades, clarity emerges. Now we can diversify without dividing, separating, warring.

Tis time for peace.  Embrace love and remember, that you are love itself. Peace prevails, first as a concept, then as it sweeps across this planet and becomes embedded in consciousness, we as a species become conscious and peace becomes the dominating operating system, the reality for all realms.