Five Most Important Vitamin Supplements You Should Be Taking

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Five Most Important Vitamin Supplements You Should Be Taking The 5 MOST IMPORTANT VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS YOU SHOULD BE TAKING! / THERE ARE A ZILLION OUT THERE, BUT IF YOU COULD/SHOULD ONLY TAKE 5, WHAT WOULD/SHOULD THEY BE? / HERE's THAT "MUST-HAVE" LIST OF 5! – By Jim Healthy for Shine! on Sunday, October 2, 2011 I usually take a fistful of nutritional supplements every day. In fact, most people are speechless when they see my daily regimen. I also travel with them — putting each day's allotment into plastic bags and stuffing them in my suitcase. But I recently left the States for a 4-week medical mission in Tibet and my gear was limited to 50 pounds. So there won't be room for my usual supplement supply. So I've had to decide.... "If I could...

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Abstract INTRODUCTION: Caloric excess, including increased refined carbohydrate intake, is associated with higher cancer risk emphasizing the importance of improved understanding of cancer cell metabolism in tumor survival and metastasis. AREAS COVERED: This article reviews the relationship between increased dietary refined sugar and cancer risk, with specific emphasis on the monosaccharide fructose. Cancer cell metabolism is reviewed, and the potential mechanisms by which dietary sugars contribute to the tumor microenvironment are discussed. Recent observations indicate that cancer cells readily utilize fructose to support proliferation and preferentially use fructose for nucleic acid synthesis. This review discusses...

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