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MERGE WITH LOVERS; DISSOLVE SEPARATENESS ILLUSION by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Tantra, www.schooloftantra.com Sit with a partner. Maintain eye contact. Don't touch. Tell her or him, "I feel separateness from you when I say to myself ... (specify all of the rational and irrational, serious and trivial, crazy and stupid and clear and astute things you say to yourself that make you feel separate from her or him.) Exhaust your list. Your partner sits calmly and says, "Thank you" after each separation you enumerate. Then have your partner tell you, "I feel separateness from you when I say to myself...." Encourage your partner to exhaust her or his separatenesses: calmly say "Thank you" for each. Then join hands. Tell your partner, "I feel oneness with you...

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This whole situation with the Phoenix Goddess Temple has the potential to be so much bigger than it seems many of our community realize.  It could, and will, affect so many more of you in ways I bet you have not even considered.  Think about it: Let's say Tracy wins, and Tantra and sacred touching, etc., is allowed in Arizona.  Now that doesn't mean that it's allowed in California or Washington, BUT, if the case makes it to Federal court, which it very well may, then guess what?  Tracy's victory allows ALL OF YOU out West to practice the way you want because the 9th Circuit will have said you could.  The laws will extend far beyond the boundaries of Arizona, and by the way, the 9th Circuit is the MOST LIBERAL circuit in the country!  How can the case get there?...

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Become a Sacred Lover

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BECOME A SACRED LOVER Become a sacred lover. Learn All-Chakra Tantra and master the art of conscious, sacred sexuality. Give and receive whole body healing with other Students on the tantric path. Clear your chakras (energy centers) and become a manifestation of divine love. As divinity incarnate, you’re attractive, sexy, sensual, irresistible. All are drawn to you because you’re channeling energy directly from Source/Universal Consciousness. You vibrate at a higher frequency. You become enlightened (full of light) and radiate love. Others are drawn to you, compulsively, like a moth to a flame. You are a clear vessel of Love/God/Goddess. You are the sacred healer, the lover, a Daka or Dakini. You’re a true tantrica who emanates love, respects life, heals others...

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TANTRA TRANSFORMED ME REVISITED (2011) by Janet Kira Lessin Excerpt from "How To Really Love A Woman" by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. TANTRA TRANSFORMED ME REVISITED (2011) by Janet Kira Lessin I wrote the following article in 1997 or 1998, almost 14 years ago. My husband and I were new to each other then, younger and very excited. When we first met and looked deep into each others’ eyes, we recognized our deep soul connection that goes back to the dawn of time. We knew our meeting was destined, pre-determined by us before we were born. Through our tantric lovemaking, we remembered our soul missions and what we had decided to accomplish when we came down in to these bodies in physical form. Since we know our life’s mission, we have meaning,...

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