Transcend Separate Self Senses

Green Tara

Get ordained and/or earn a certificate to teach, counsel, facilitate, educate, coach at the School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii at  Classes and private sessions are available in person, via correspondence on the internet, on Skype and google hangout.

Become a Certified Tantra Practitioner, Coach, Teacher, Instructor or Professor:

We are open to traveling to your area, as long as we are physically able, helping you establish new schools and temples. We hope to train future generations now so tantra will continue as a sacred practice available to humanity for millenia.

This is the time we've been waiting for all our lives. Together we transform reality create conscious, kind, loving paradigms for living lifetimes full of love, beauty, joy, bounty, blessings.

If you're interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us:

1371 Malaihi Road
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii  96793