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Religious freedom for all is under attack when one religion/spiritual path is being singled out for persecution. This is what's happening with Goddess Temples and Tantra Temples in the United States.  Our first Amendment Constitutional rights are being violated.

We must stand up for the beliefs of others even if they are not what we believe.  There are basic, human rights that must be preserved above all.

Please help our friends from the Phoenix Goddess Temple and the Sedona Temple who are facing criminal charges.  Please support tantra temples across America who're fighting local zoning regulations that are attempting to zone us right out of existence.  There are temples in Washington, Oregon and California that have been attacked.  There are others and we're hoping that they'll contact us and we can get more organized and support one another.

The Temple of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii is the first 501(c)(3) in the United States with TANTRA in it's name and this temple is one of the locations under attack by local Zoning Administration.  We know there are many more as we get wind of what's going on now and again. But please, let us know. Contact us at

Some temples have closed their doors. Others have been forbidden to use tantra in their promotions or on their web sites. Others have been fined or threatened with huge fines and have closed their doors. This is a true sin against humanity and must be stopped now before it goes any further.

Stand up for religious freedom.  Support tantra and goddess temples here and across the World.

Know, that if one religion is under attack, then relgious freedom for all Americans is under attack.  Don't kid yourself that you can only defend one or two religious types and not defend them all and still preserve religious freedom on this planet.

Our temples are under attack and if one religion is allowed to fall, all Americans face loss of freedom.

Tantra and prostitution are two very separate things. There are some who try to link the two, but any of you who have studied tantra or practice it understand that tantra is an ancient, high spiritual practice that goes back to Sumer and before, is the basis of most religions including Judiasm, Christianity and Islam.  Tantra is a yogic, meditation, spiritual practice with an element that teaches couples how to love one another better.

We're all created through sex.  But we are much more than sex.

Below is a not-so-gentle reminder of what happened in Nazi Germany and other parts of the world when our backs were turned. Never again. It happened once but we must now and forever remain hyper-vigelent or we'll not be able to breathe or take a walk in the woods without all being legilslated and controlled.  George Orwell warned us in "1984".  Others now come forth. Pay attention now, WAKE UP, before it's too late.


First they came for the communist.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist

Then they came for the trade unionists.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews.
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me. 
And there was no one left to speak out for me.

Welcome to the the Temple of Tantra where we're collecting funds for the Protection of all Civil Liberties, including the 1st Amendment: the Freedom of speech, the Right to peaceably assemble & the Right to practice Religion without persecution. Due to the recent arrests in Arizona of sacred Practioners, Priests and Priestesses and the power elite's attempts to invalidate our faith through inaccurate labels, all religions and faiths are subsequently vulnerable to these endless attempts to legislate our morality, religious beliefs, relationship styles and structures and what we do behind closed doors in the privacy of our own temples, churches, homes and even bedrooms.  Unite for freedom for all.  To donate to the civil lawsuit action below.

We're creating a new site with more whistles and bells. We're adding a social network function and a forum so ou can participate in the temple wherever you live.  It'll take a while to get all up and running, so keep coming back as we add things on a regular basis.  Join us at USING GOOGLE CHECKOUT









Click to donate to the Phoenix Goddess Temple.
All proceeds raised go directly towards the legal defense of members of the
Temple members who have been wrongly accused.

If you would like to volunteer, contribute or make an offering of support of any kind, please email

Take Action NOW! Sign this petition and file a complaint with the A.C.L.U. in AZ so they will support as well! "The power is in the people; and politics we address."


Welcome to the TEMPLE OF TANTRA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit church/temple aka the
Tantra Theosphical and Gaia Worshiping Society
of the Divine Human Family



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