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Blue Tantra Lovers

Lovers connect on all chakras, feel oneness with each other and the Divine.

TANTRA TRANSFORMED ME REVISITED (2011) by Janet Kira Lessin Excerpt from "How To Really Love A Woman" by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. TANTRA TRANSFORMED ME REVISITED (2011) by Janet Kira Lessin

I wrote the following article in 1997 or 1998, almost 14 years ago. My husband and I were new to each other then, younger and very excited. When we first met and looked deep into each others’ eyes, we recognized our deep soul connection that goes back to the dawn of time. We knew our meeting was destined, pre-determined by us before we were born. Through our tantric lovemaking, we remembered our soul missions and what we had decided to accomplish when we came down in to these bodies in physical form. Since we know our life’s mission, we have meaning, purpose and feel happy, content and fulfilled as a result.

Through this worldview, we’re able to cope with the difficulties of life, that often seem endless, relentless. Even in the midst of stress and deepest despair, we find peace knowing that our souls were ready, had done centuries of work to prepare us to meet and find one another amongst the billions of souls alive in this world at this time despite incredible odds.

We were both newly divorced when we met. Our marriage was the third for both of us. Neither of us were exactly young anymore. We were supposed to be mature. I was 43, he 57. We knew the patterns of relationship. We had been there before. I was surprised that I was able to let go and totally fall in love again, that I hadn’t been so jaded from past, failed loves that true love would be impossible. When we met, I fell in love very hard. He met me, matched my passion and intensity, fell as much in love with me as I with him. At that time a part of me felt afraid that old patterns that led to failure might soon emerge. It seemed at our meeting that we were at our height, that we had reached an epiphany and that it could only go downhill from there after the honeymoon was over, as all relationships tend to do.

Here it is years later. Amazingly, actually, the reverse has happened. Despite a rugged, rocky road, our love has grown, deeper, richer, fuller. It’s more unconditional now than in the beginning. Tantra gave us the tools to go deeper with each other over the years.

Life dealt us challenges, disappointments and surprisingly difficult blows. We learned how to bounce back each time, hold on tight to each other and ride the wild ride. We cried a lot. Sometimes things were so ironic, so bizarre, that laughter was the only way to relieve pressure and alleviate pain. In 2010 we almost lost one another to illness. While difficult, those experiences made us appreciate life more fully, to embrace each breath as the gift it truly is. Life is fragile and our time together more precious than ever. We always thought we were blessed to find each other. But now we KNOW how incredibly blessed we truly are.

We realized blows can be blessings. It’s simply a matter of perspective. We can always adjust our beliefs and see divine purpose under things that seem senseless or meaningless. It’s a new year, just a few days past the beginning of 2011. I hope you enjoy this article. It comes from my heart. I wrote it in hopes that it’ll help you. I decided early on to become transparent in my discoveries in life so that others might gain from what I learn, often the hard way. If only we humans could be more authentic with one another, accepting and tolerant, we might accelerate our soul’s progress and become more kind, loving, empathetic and compassionate.

With love we could eliminate cruelty, crime and war from this world. Truth frees us. I decided to be truthful with my part. But I use pseudonyms for those characters in my personal passion play to protect the guilty and give all due respect for their personal paths. Each person must find their own way on their journey through life and back home to Source and Oneness. It’s not up to me to judge. I can only be me. Everyone else is taken.

TANTRA: TANTRA TRANSFORMED ME (1998) by Janet Kira Lessin

My husband Sasha and I live an All-Chakra Tantra lifestyle. We share and expand energy with each other on each of our levels of consciousness. We link these consciousness levels to chakras, centers in and around our bodies. The chakras--around the perineum, genitals, belly, heart, throat, brow and crown–relate to security, sex, power, love, talk, knowing and spirituality. We connect sexually twice (often three times) daily. Each connect, we align our chakras–press our bodies together and touch genitals, bellies, hearts and heads. We breathe together and bless each other’s chakras. We embody each chakra, and as the voice of each, say what we need. When Sasha, for example, embodies his security (perineal) center, he requests, "Say you’ll never leave me." Morning connects lasts but a tantalizing twenty minutes.

Afternoon connects, where we focus on me, last ninety minutes. I talk, he facilitates. Then, with his mouth and fingers, he brings me to an ejaculatory orgasm. Then we have intercourse. He has a electro-kinesthetic kundalini, non-ejaculatory orgasms and I get clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Our evening connects--about ninety minutes--climax in full ejaculatory orgasms–first mine then his or sometimes, both simultaneously. We create romance when we connect. We talk and feel close. Satisfied. Life’s sweet. That’s what connecting twice or more daily does for us. That’s what it does for other practitioners of All-Chakra Tantra. And romance, closeness, satisfaction and sweetness is what All-Chakra Tantra can give you too.

Enjoy the ways you already love loving and add tantra as an option. Now and then or regularly, ritualize your rendezvous, process your problems, heed each other’s needs, satisfy each other sexually. Give each tryst original twists--express, encounter, laugh and love in ways that fulfill you both. The more you connect tantrically, the more you both feel secure, sensual, empowered, open-hearted, heard, supported and spiritually-encouraged. Open all your centers to each other.

Then you communicate kindly and effectively, heal wounds and remove limits to loving. Your separate self-sense merges into a consciousness of unity with each other, lovers everywhere, all consciousnesses, the divine. If you’re in a primary relationship and want to treasure and enhance it as you enter the expanded relating of polyamory, I suggest you and your partner develop a tantric practice to sustain your primary bond. Since I met Sasha, I live a blissful, orgasmic tantric life.

Tantra means weaving. In Sash’s tantra system, All-Chakra Tantra, we weave within and between us on all levels of our awareness. We associate the levels of awareness, called chakras, with zones within our bodies. Thus we share spiritual connection (crown chakra), intellectual and intuitive vision (third-eye), honest communication (throat chakra), give and get love (heart chakra), mutual empowerment (belly chakra), sexual connection (genital chakra) and home, work, and resources (base chakra). Yet we sometimes argue and I even yell!

So how can I say that we live a tantric life? What I mean by our tantric life is that by weaving our chakras within ourselves and between us, we’ve at last found inner peace. Sasha and I are devoted and committed to one another and to the process of our relationship. From within that process, we experience the full range of emotions, spanning the entire spectrum, from our arguments to our ecstacy. We’re family to one another. More than husband and wife, we’re each others’ wife, mother, father, friend, lover, sister and brother as well. We both married and adopted one another.

Sash and I commit to relate to each other all our lives. We commit to heal each other’s wounds from our childhood and adult relations. We empathize and wait for the other to return to love when he or I experience temporary regression, insanity, depression or rage. If we both destabilize at the same time, we invoke our love, use our talking and touching skills and keep talking till our pique passes. When we can’t "figure it out," with our talking skills, we "finger it out" and use our tantric touching techniques, though, initially, we don’t "feel" like it. Bodies remember love on a cellular level. So, even if we’re stuck at an impasse, we put aside our stubborn egos and hug tight. Defenses and anger melt; once again we adore each other and our love’s what really matters.

Our souls embrace as mates who’ve connected after all centuries searching for each other. We appreciate our blessings. In this tantric glow, mundane chores seem privileges. "I thank God/Goddess I have toilets to scrub. I thank you Universe for dishes to clean, food to eat and loved ones to feed." I love the birds, the sky, the water, the air, the plants, the ocean, my friends, my cats, God is within every molecule, every being, every thing.

You honor craftsmanship in your car. You think of those who created the technology for the simple things around you; your toothbrush, the glass in your windows, the carpet beneath your feet. You see a building and imagine how many things made by how many people from how many parts of this globe went into its construction. You appreciate the knowledge and love people put into all the inventions that led to each creation. You treasure the history of civilization all around you.

My life is orgasmic; and as such, my beloved husband, my devotee’s dedicated to my happiness and well-being; and I to him. We connect intimately twice a day. In the morning Sasha and I may connect briefly, aligning chakras, looking into one another’s eyes, exchanging breath, speaking loving words and sharing our innermost secret thoughts. Sasha may or may not be inserted in me. He does not ejaculate so he can conserve his energy during the day.

Every evening Sasha and I connect fully in sweet, passionate sexual embrace. We fall asleep in one another’s arms, full and complete. Sash, my beloved healer and devotee, honors my yoni with his lips, tongue and magic fingers whenever I request, trilling my clitoris and massaging my g-spot as I cry out in bliss. I channel divine Shakti energy and Sash rides my orgasmic waves. The veil of separation between us disappears. He feels what I feel. We become the cosmic ONE. We move energy in our sacred circle: from the shrine of my vaginal chakra, up the center of my body, through my belly, heart, throat, third eye and out my crown; then down into his base, through all his chakras, out through his hands and mouth and into me again. We channel our combined kundalini energies into a complete circuit--man, woman and God. I go higher with each wave, thinking each level is "the top," only to find I haven’t yet begun to crescent. My orgasms blend one into another.

I enter a dimension of timelessness. Images of yesteryear dance before my eyes. I’m 20; I’m 5; I’m 35; I’m in Mom’s uterus. As ecstatic sensations increase, I move from personal self to historical and remember lifetimes on the Earth and relive lifetimes in other dimensions and on far away planets. I relive the stories of the ages and become the archetypes: Ninmah, Aphrodite, Athena, Zeus, Thor. I lose my self-sense entirely and become one with Mother Gaia and God/Goddess, the Universe. I move between masculine and feminine. I peak; my amrita–ejaculate--gushes. Sasha smiles and chants, "Blessings, blessings." My ejaculation cues him that my psyche’s ready to accept programming affirmations. He croons, "Our mortgage’s paid," "Your new car awaits you."

But wait, there is yet another level. I go higher. I recall the challenge he once whispered in my ear, "How much pleasure can you take?" Part of me wants to stop; the other part wants to continue to push that threshold. My whole body pulsates in full-body orgasm. Kreas (waves of electric pulses) rush up and down my spine; my body snakes and pulsates with the rhythm. Chemicals rush to my toes, fingers and head. I moan, long, slow, Oooohhh. I’m complete. From this orgasmic state, I can go out and face the day. The stresses of life melt away in the arms of my beloved. I can handle it; I can go on.

Sasha, my beloved husband, also employs our tantric lovemaking to heal the abuse, pain and self-limiting scripts of my entire existence. When an upsetting memory or pastlife image arises during our lovemaking, he tells me to relive the experience, feel the feelings and express and amplify these emotions to the people involved in incidents, situations or pastlife. Then he has me focus on my fear-driven scripts and defensive subpersonalities I developed to deal with the trauma. He then tells me to imagine and re-write the scene of my upset the way I’d have liked to, so I generate an affirmation, a new guideline for situations. In our sessions, I’d been dealing with a fear-driven script that left me feeling anxious. Sasha says nurturing, joyous and selfloving reminders as I ejaculate. Re-programs me with positive options.

Finally, Sash has me identify and speak as each of the subselves that had been enforcing the self-limiting script associated with the upset our sexual touching triggered. Sasha dialogues with my defensive subselves (Inner Critic, Spacer, etc.). He helps the defensive subs find new ways, when needed, to serve me. At last, in Sasha, I’ve found a partner who meets me on all chakra levels.


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